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The Third Season of the Winx Club made its debut in the USA on September 30, 2006 throught September 22, 2007 on the 4Kids Entertainment block. As of the 30th of March, season 3 has finished its run on Rai 2 in Italy, As of the 6th of August, season 3 has finished its run on YTV in Canada. According to promotions by 4Kids Entertainment the third season will be the final season to be broadcasted.

Synopsis Edit

A new villain, Baltor (in the 4kids version, Valtor in the Italian version) has been introduced, as have Chimera, a bratty fairy from Beta Academy, and her mother, Countess Cassandra; who get involved in Solaria's monarchy.

Stella's Princess Ball Edit

Baltor has been leading a campaign against Planet Andros with the intent of reconsolidating his power from all realms, leading Layla to return to her world and separate from the girls as they attend Stella's Princess Ball. At the Princess Ball, Chimera and her mother is revealed to be Stella's future step-sister and mother. They cast a spell on Stella, turning her into a hideous monster. After escaping from Solaria and returning Stella to her natural state, the Winx Club regroup at Alfea where an anxious Layla hesitantly explains the situation of her home planet under attack.

Everyone but Stella (who stays at Alfea as a diversion to school cadre and to monitor events on her home planet) proceed to Tides and encounter Baltor. After a small skirmish with the possessed guardian mermaids, Baltor isolates Bloom and explains his motivations for his conquest.

Layla's Blindness Edit

When Layla interferes, Baltor quickly curses her by robbing her of her sight and escapes. Shortly afterwards, a mermaid princess finds the Winx Club and ask for their help in rescuing her friends and mother.

The rescue attempt is hampered by a kraken who pursues the five members and the princess but the girls succeed in rescuing the mermaid Queen. The Queen vows to repay Layla by restoring her sight and explains that they must return to the surface before sundown. As the group escapes, the kraken continues to attack them but this time injures the Queen. When they finally arrive to the surface, the mermaid princess asks Layla to use the Queens' scepter to heal herself but Layla ultimately chooses to heal the Queen instead. Layla's sacrifice is acknowledged and she becomes the first of the Winx Club to obtain her Enchantix, or complete fairy enchantment status.

The five members of the Winx Club reappear on the campus of Alfea where Ms. Faragonda instructs Layla on how to use her own Enchantix abilities to restore her sight but are quickly punished for skipping school.

Sky and Diaspro Edit

During their punishment, Bloom confides in her friends about attending a royal party hosted by Sky's parents. Meanwhile, Baltor continues his objective to restore his power by stealing magical scrolls from Planet Espero and quickly proceeds to Planet Eraklyon where he meets Princess Diaspro, upset with the possibility of meeting Bloom in the upcoming party.

Before the royal party takes place, Sky confides to the Winx girls that he plans to announce a commitment to Bloom. However, at the party, attended by royalty of Magix, Princess Diaspro tricks Sky into drinking a magical potion provided by Baltor. This resulted in Sky announcing a commitment to Diaspro instead. The Winx girls and the other Specialists are shocked by this turn of events. They quickly determined that Sky has fallen under a spell. Stella, already upset with the attendance of her stepmother and stepsister, confronts Sky. However, Sky counters with Diaspro's allegations that the Winx Club are witch agents sent by Baltor.

A pursuit of the Winx girls ensues, culminating with one of the pursuing dragons going on a rampage and nearly attacking King Radius, Stella's father. However, before it could occur, Stella places herself between her father and the dragon, which resulted in her taking damage. Rising to feet, after the dragon has been subdued, Stella's selflessness is acknowledged and she gains her Enchantix.

After the events on Eraklyon, the Winx girls return to Alfea, with Bloom upset of what occurred. Compounding their situation soon afterwards are a group of parents who demand that Bloom be expelled from school citing the claims of Diaspro and the attention from Baltor. While Ms. Faragonda is completely against such communication, Bloom concedes and returns to Gardenia, upset from the events on Eraklyon. However, her voluntary expulsion is short-lived. Stella shortly arrives with news that Prince Sky has announced plans to quickly marry Diaspro. Bloom returns to the realm of Magix and quickly devises a plan, with the help of the specialists, to approach Sky and determine that something is wrong with him.

After some diversionary tactics, the Winx Club (minus Tecna and Layla, who stay behind at Alfea) encounter Prince Sky, who launches himself into a fight with the Winx girls. The fighting continues until the Winx girls manage to subdue Sky, and notice Baltor's mark on his shoulder. Stella uses her Enchantix powers and fairy dust to try and break the spell. However, additional guards, led by Diaspro, arrive to defend Sky. This forces the Winx girls to retreat to Alfea before they can ensure that Stella's fairy dust was effective.

Possible Marriage for Layla Edit

At Alfea, they are once again catched by Assistant Principal Ms. Griselda for their unauthorized excursion. Returning to their rooms, they encounter Layla, who is upset with the news that her parents have decided to enforce an arranged marriage for her, with a boy named Nabu that she has never met.

Baltor Attacks Cloud Tower Edit

Baltor attacks Cloud Tower and casts a mind control spell over the witches. He locks up Professor Griffin and lead the mind controlled witches to attack Alfea. The fairies defeat the witches but Ms. Faragonda is turned into a tree after a mysterious battle with Baltor in the forest. Icy, Darcy, and Stormy teleport themselves into Alfea and try to find the ancient magical scrolls. The fairies defeat them but Darcy sets the library on fire. Musa saves Princess Galatea of her realm thus gaining her Enchantix. She uses her Enchantix to put out the fire and bringing back Galatea's wings which Icy destroyed.

Adventures in Linphea Edit

In the next episode, The Tears From The Black Willow, the Winx Club travel to Linphea, Flora's home planet. They meet Flora's sister, Meale. However, they are attacked by Stormy, who had received new powers from Baltor. As always, good triumphed. Plus, they got advice from the mysterious lady to gather some tears from the black willow tree without touching it. Because of the danger of any more attacks, Rose was left behind but she came back to assist the Winx Club.

Meanwhile, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy were fighting over Baltor but they soon realized that it was ridiculous and planned to ambush the Winx Club. Just as they were about to gather the tears, the trix appeared and attacked them. After they did that, Darcy ruined the healthy interior of the black willow tree. Enraged, Flora attacked but The Trix sisters overpowered her and she was about to destroyed when Rose saved her from the blast and fell into the water. Flora quickly plunged into the water to save her sister, thus gaining her Enchantix. When the Winx Club came back, they were able to turn Ms. Faragonda back to her old self.

Invasion of Tides Edit

On the Planet Tides, Baltor’s invasion has reached a critical phase when Baltor manipulates the gate to the Omega dimension into using its negative energy to cancel the positive of the Realm of Tides and destroying the existence of both areas. The vortex between both worlds also becomes a portal allowing other prisoners from the Omega dimension to be released into Layla’s home world.

All members of the Winx Club go the realm of Tides to stop both energies of negating each other but the vortex created betweens overcomes their initial attempt and would now require that the whirlpool be sealed from within itself. Layla and Bloom quickly volunteer but are repelled by its unstable magic. Tecna manages to overpower the magical resistance and in doing so gains her Enchantix, endowing her with powers strong enough to seal the vortex and herself in the Omega dimension.

Back to Alfea, the girls blurt out to the Red Fountain boys about Tecna's sacrifice. Timmy, disappointed and sad, quickly moves to another bench out of hearing range and is confronted by Riven later on. The Winx Club decides to go back to Cloud Tower to get pay back for Tecna without considering Ms. Faragonda disapproval of their plan. While Baltor shares the story of the destuction of her parents with Bloom, Stella and Layla manage to boost Professor Griffin out of her prison cell.

Bloom's Quest on Pyros Edit

Shortly after casting an oppositus spell on Bloom, Ms. Faragonda, Professor Griffin, Professor Saladin, Layla, and Stella rejoins them. The Winx Club turn Bloom back to her normal self but gains nothing out of the revenge attempt except Professor Griffin. Later on, Bloom, outraged with the story of her parents, asks Ms. Faragonda where she can get more power. Ms. Faragonda sends her to Pyros, the Island of Dragons, notifying her that there was a high risk of danger there.

On Pyros, Bloom gets attacked by several dragons and falls into a steep ravine. She falls into deep slumber and gets a hint from Daphne, in her sleep, to find her dragon. Soon after she woke up, Bloom found a small dragon, Buddy who helped her to move, act, and eat like a dragon. After helping her, Buddy guides Bloom to the mountain of the dragons which is a group of several volcanoes.

Trying not to wake the the sleeping dragon blocking their path, Bloom and Buddy tiptoe across the great bulk of the dragon and eventually wake up the creature. Bloom, afraid that something bad would happen to Buddy, gets in touch with her innerself and uses her dragonfire, in the shape of a dragon, to scare off the other dragon. Meanwhile, Timmy dedicates all his time trying to find the location of Tecna in the Omega Dimension. Finding no signal of Tecna whatsoever, he falls asleep.

As Bloom continues her exploration of Pyros, she begins to feel frustrated that she cannot leave. An earthquake derails her train of thoughts. When she was about to fall into the deep crevices, Maia, a sorceress living on Pyros, saves Bloom. Maia offers more guidance and training that culminates with Bloom gaining her Enchantix by finding her deepest source of power.

As the events on Pyros take place, the remaining members of the Winx Club and select members of Specialist, specifically, Timmy, Brandon, and Helia arrive at an approximate location in the Omega Dimension. The group locates the transmitter used by Tecna but is ambushed and captured by prisoners before they find her.

When Bloom returned to Alfea, she found none of her friends there. Eventually, she stumbled into Ms. Faragonda and Ms. Griselda who congratulated her for earning her Enchantix without saving someone from her planet. After learning that her friends were in the Omega Dimension, Bloom came across Sky. They forgave each other and decided to go to the Omega Dimension to look for their friends.

Soon after they arrived there, they found Tecna. Unable to believe her eyes, Bloom ran to meet her but they faced another problem: getting their friends back to Alfea. Quickly, Sky, Bloom, and Tecna busted Timmy, Helia, and Brandon out of their cell. The boys agreed to form a distraction while the two girls rescued the other members of the Winx Club.

When Bloom and Tecna found their friends deep in the ravine, they faced another challenge: to defeat the snake. After failed attempts to beat the serpent, Bloom transformed into her Enchantix and used her powers to beat the snake. However, Bloom, instantly connected to the snake after her attack, knew that it wasn't over yet. While her friends flew up, she led the serpent to where the escaped criminals were fighting the Red Fountain boys. While the snake scared off the criminals, the Red Fountain boys and the Winx Club flew back home. After arriving at Alfea, the girls have a slumber party for their success and for being reunited again.

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