The Fourth Season of the Winx Club on May 6, 2012 through July 29, 2012 on Nickelodeon USA. The delay with this season was due to Rainbow removed the rights of 4Kids and moved on to Nickelodeon. In Australia, the English version of the fourth season made by Cinélume premiered on Boomerang, a sister channel of Cartoon Network, on March 1, 2010.

Overview Edit

The Winx continue their adventures by establishing themselves in Gardenia to earn the new Believix transformation by convincing the skeptical population to believe in magic, along with protecting the last fairy on Earth, Roxy, who is in danger of being captured by a group of fairy hunters.

Episodes Edit

  • Nick Title/RAI Title
  1. The Wizards of the Black Circle/The Fairy Hunters
  2. Fear in Pixie Village/The Tree of Life
  3. Winx on Earth/The Last Fairy of Earth
  4. Magic Pets/Love & Pet
  5. Ogron's Spell/Mitzi's Present
  6. A Fairy Found/A Fairy in Danger
  7. I Believe in You/Winx Believix
  8. Hidden in the Country/The White Circle
  9. Nebula's White Circle/Nebula
  10. The Audition/Musa's Song
  11. Superheroes/Winx Club Forever
  12. The Pet's Pursuit/Dad! I'm a Fairy
  13. Roxy's Energy/The Wizards' Attack
  14. Bringing Magic Back/7: The Perfect Number
  15. The New Witch in Town/Magic Lessons
  16. A Virtual Hideout/Cold Spell
  17. Island Tricks/The Enchanted Island
  18. Diana's Attack/The Nature Rage
  19. In the Amazon Forest/In Diana's Kingdom
  20. Diana’s Redemption/The Gifts of Destiny
  21. The Fairy of Justice/Sibylla's Cave
  22. Aurora's Tower/The Frozen Tower
  23. Bloom's Challenge/Bloom's Trial
  24. The Wizard's Trap/The Day of Justice
  25. Home at Last/Morgana's Secret
  26. Duel in the Omega Dimension/Ice and Fire

Music Edit

Rainbow Edit



Nickelodeon Edit



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